• How does shipping work?

    Your order will be shipped 48 hours of being submitted. Note the orders made over the weekends and holidays will be processed the following business day.

  • How long does shipping take within Canada?

    Domestic shipping will take between 4-7 business days.

  • How do exchanges work?

    Lashes must be unworn and in original packaging. Sender is responsible for shipping fees upon exchanges.

  • How do returns work?

    We believe in providing our customers with the best experience. If you are not satisfied with your lashes, we are happy to offer a full refund within 20 days of receiving your item. Lashes must be unworn and in original packaging. Customers are responsible for handling shipping fees.

    We encourage feedback on how we can make your experience or our product more enjoyable for you!

  • Do you provide a tracking number?

    We offer an option in our checkout to select shipping with tracking for those who are eagerly waiting for their goods to arrive! Our default shipping does not come with tracking.

  • Do we ship worldwide?

    Yes! We ship worldwide. Shipping charges will vary depending on the country.

Product Questions

  • What does the Magnetic Lash Kit come with?

    The Magnetic Lash Kit includes:

    3 Magnetic Lashes (of the same style)
    1 Magnetic Liner
    1 Applicator Tool

  • What does the Fire Mix & Match Bundle come with?

    The Fire Mix & Match Bundle includes:

    3 Magnetic Lashes (styles of your choice)
    1 Magnetic Liner
    1 Applicator Tool

  • What is the difference between the Lash Kit and the Fire Bundle?

    Both the Lash Kit and the Fire Bundle comes with 3 pairs of Magnetic Lashes, 1 Magnetic Liner and 1 Applicator Tool. The Lash Kit consists of 3 pairs of the same style while the Fire Bundle consists of 3 pairs of styles of your choosing.

    For this reason, the Lash Kit is priced lowered than the Fire Bundle.

  • How do I use the products?

    1. Shake the Magnetic Liner well before use.
    2. Apply the Magnetic Liner to the eyelids and wait until dry.
    3. Using the Applicator Tool, apply the Magnetic Lashes firmly to the Magnetic Liner and watch the magic happen!

  • How long do the Magnetic Lashes last?

    Our Magnetic Lashes have been tested and proven to withstand 30+ uses! Proper handling of eyelashes and regular cleaning with makeup remover and cotton swab on the magnets can ensure longer durability!

  • How strong do the Magnetic Lashes hold?

    Our Magnetic Lash to Magnetic Liner bond ensures all day hold! We've passed the 24hr test and even passed the sweat test! Our lashes withstands its hold against gentle tugging but can be easily removed by firmly peeling them off the eyelids.

  • How do you remove the Magnetic Liner?

    A waterproof remover, oil based remover or micellar water is best for removing the Magnetic Liner. With a cotton swab or pad, holding the remover on the Magnetic Liner for 3 seconds before wiping off is best practice for makeup removal.

  • Are the Magnetic Lashes waterproof?

    No, our Magnetic Lashes are not waterproof and we do not recommend wearing them in water or swimming to ensure its durability.

  • Are Magnetic Liners included in the single packs?

    Magnetic Liners are sold separately from single Magnetic Lash packs.

    They are only included in Magnetic Lash Kits and Fire Mix & Match Bundles.

Maintenance & Care

  • How do I maintain my Magnetic Lashes?

    1. Avoid getting the Magnetic Lashes wet. This will preserve its shape and durability and ensure it doesn't lose it's bend.

    2. Removing the Magnetic Lash, use a firm but gentle motion when peeling off the eyelids. Grip onto the lash band as it is the most durable part.

    3. Once removed, if bits of the Magnetic Liner can been seen on the magnets, you can wipe it off with a cotton swab in makeup remover or your fingers to gently scratch it off.

  • Can you sleep with the Magnetic Lashes on?

    We advise against sleeping with the Magnetic Lashes applied as it can damage the shape, the fibres, and the magnets and decreasing its longevity and performance.

Affiliate Program

  • How can I join the Affiliate Program?

    We're glad to see you're interested in joining the #LitLashFam! Tag us in your posts @LitLashLife and #LitLashFam and send us a DM to inquire!

  • I have a storefront business, how do I become a Verified Distributor?

    Send us an email at info@litlashlife.com with the subject line 'Distributor Application' to inquire about opportunities with Lit Lash Life!